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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Whiny Wednesday: Serena & Lily by Hanna Andersson

Serena & Lily is a favorite brand of mine. After all, baby C. (he was baby C. back then, remember?) was just a teeny tiny thing when he came home in his little Serena & Lily "Take Me Home" sleeper. He barely filled up the outfit! Bless him. Now, little C. (who's all of 28 pounds now!) is marching around the house in his new Serena & Lily by Hanna Andersson organic pajamas (courtesy of S&L). Swoon. This little guy has stolen my heart, and it's so much worse when he wears these. He can get anything he wants.

As overbearing as it seems, I've been trying to convert all of his PJs to organic only. While I do love the non-organic ones he's used to sleeping in, it's so important he get his rest (which is a whopping 10 hours of sleep at night) in fabric that is unharmful to him and free of pesticides. I mean, right? Obviously, it's not the end all be all, but every little bit helps - not to mention, these sleepers are above and beyond soft. Really, if you felt them, you would buy nothing else. 

I bought the first set this past spring from the Hanna Andersson store in Dallas after hearing rave reviews about the brand from others moms, and I had heard they were known for organic sleepwear. A bit pricey at $40, I cringed a little at first, but then reminded myself about what's important. I totally spend way more than $40 on a shopping trip for myself, so there you go. 

When I saw Hanna Andersson was collaborating with Serena & Lily, that was it. I knew little C. would wind up with a pair (that included blue, obvi, because that's his absolute fav color...he has the blue/orange one above!). I must say I did receive a sample courtesy of the company, but you know what? We fell in love with them soooo much these past few weeks, that I ordered yet another pair...the orange stars (and I'm verrrry tempted to buy the rest of the babies in my extended family one, too!). The zip-up style is super easy, and while little C.'s short little legs are still growing into it (I have to roll them up), I know he'll be able to wear this sleeper for quite some time. If you're looking for sleepwear, these are a must have. Cute and quality rolled into one amazing collab. Well done. xoxo

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