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Friday, November 4, 2011

Celebs Heart Theodora & Callum Navajo Blanket Scarf

Before you scurry about for the weekend, just know that you need this scarf. Like yesterday. Ok? It's the Theodora & Callum Black Multi Navajo Blanket Scarf ($175), and all within one week, Heidi Klum, Jessica Alba and Megan Fox have worn theirs in L.A. 

The Navajo print is everywhere this season (I had contemplated a bag, but no. Now, it's def this scarf!)! I looooove wearing a printed scarf with a simple tee or muted color like Jessica and Megan did (not as much of a fan of how Heidi wore hers, but...). If you're going to wear it with a print as Heidi does, make sure you keep it in the same color fam like HK here. Wrap it around the neck in a sort of "huge mess" like they do to up the chicness ante. (I never can get it to look that way, for some reason. Alas, guess I am just too neat...) 

Southwest or bust...xo

[Photo via Shopbop.com]

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