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Monday, November 28, 2011

Citizens of Humanity Makes a Gorgeous Green Velour Jean

Happy Monday, everyone! I hope you all had the best Thanksgiving ever (high standards I have, I know...)! I personally had a really great one and last night we almost finished decorating for Christmas (almost...we have a 2-year-old, so it happens in spurts!). With the holidays now here, I have this new thing for velvet (I have a velvet dress I own from the Gap that I just love to put on every year...it's ancient, but I love it!). So, when I found out my all-time fav Citizens of Humanity denim leggings (the Avedon Slick) come in velour (same as velvet basically, but can stretch more easily...which is a great thing!), I squealed 100 times over. You don't understand I much I love these jeans...I LIVE in them. (In fact, I wore them this weekend and you've seen them 800 times in my style shots.)

Kelly Rowland wore them just recently in London (in the Dirty Kelly hue, no less) and I can't get enough of this pretty, pretty green color. (If you love them like I do, you can purchase them here.) I would def pair them with boots like Kelly does, but they would look stunning with a pair of black satin heels (trust me, I have this vision already). My fav thing about CoH jeans is they fit so comfortably (they weren't my first pair of designer jeans, but they were def my first love). So even though I've been a little timid to try velour in a pair of pants, I'm pretty confident I could rock these with a smile on my face. But maybe give it just a few more Pilates sessions post-Thanksgiving, ok?

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