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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Cozy Bliss from Leroy & Perry for Anthropologie

Here's a confession. I'm addicted to Anthropologie. (shhhh...) Unforth, my addiction's much worse now that we have our very own in my city - terribly tempting every. single. weekend. Sometimes you can find me practically buried in that sale closet, haha. Something else I'm addicted to now that it's getting chilly (um, semi down south, I guess)? Hand-knit sweaters. So, this little capsule collection Leroy & Perry is doing with Anthropologie just makes sense. What a dream! 

"I wanted to create a soft and cozy collection with interesting details and versatile colors, but in easy fits and lengths for multiple body types." -- Marcia Patmos, designer

Marcia Patmos created the coziest, snuggliest, chicest pieces for this winter season. While definitely an investment (prices range from $198-248...and this is why you see me in the "sale" closet, I reiterate!), a great sweater is not to be taken lightly. Out of all of the pieces in my closet (obviously more than shoes because those are walked in so much!), sweaters are the pieces that tend to stick around the longest. So obviously, you want both a design and fabric that will last over time. I seriously have sweaters in my closet I bought back in high school, so there ya go.

This pullover below is an absolute fav of mine...what a perfect way to layer over your long-sleeve tees! In my head right now, I'm meeting you over cappuccino wearing one of these...cozy bliss.
[Photos Courtesy Leroy & Perry]

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  1. loveee the 1st one!! hand sewn tops always look so chic to me...
    -Teri C <3


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