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Thursday, November 17, 2011

E! Celebrity Stylist Lauren Shane: "There's No School for Styling, Only Confidence"

Lauren Shane (aka "elshane," or Giuliana Rancic's wardrobe stylist on E!) is such an amazing talent, girlies. I can't believe I just discovered her! But since I did, I wanted to share with you this recent Q&A where we chatted all about her past gigs (DVF, hello!) and what exactly it's like to work the red carpet as a stylist (exhausting anyone?). And I'm sort of dyyyyying over these heels she recently wore on her blog, elshane. Oh. You, too?

I Heart Heels: Tell us a bit about your styling background. You worked with DVF for several years, so that had to have been an amazing experience! 
Lauren Shane: I started in 2006 as the starry-eyed public relations assistant at Diane von Furstenberg in New York. There were a handful of us in the entire company. Fast-forward five years there (where I watched the company grow immensely, both internally and externally) when I landed the role as (the first and only to-date) DVF stylist. It was a position created for me for my unique ability to style DVF’s clothing in a young, fresh, chic perspective. Diane taught me everything about fashion, business and being the independent woman I grew to be! 

IHH: Do you have any styling "secrets" ? 
LS: Balance your look from head to toe. A “look” is just that - it’s your hair, make-up, outfit, accessories, shoes and handbag. As far as putting together a look - you either have it, or you don’t! There’s no school for styling…only confidence!

IHH: You have your own style blog (www.elshane.com), so what's your personal style? Where do you go shopping in L.A.? 

LS: [elshane] started as my personal style diary of my NYC closet overflowing with designer duds (it’s good to be in PR)! I created my blog because at work I was confined to “chic corporate” (think tailored leather pencil skirt with tartan ruffle tucked-in blouse, black fishnets, and drool-worthy booties), yet I had baubles and sparkles and gems and frills at home begging to be styled and loved. I needed to put my favorite pieces to use. (And the Virgo in me wanted every item I owned documented in case of an emergency, of course!) Now, more than a year later, my style blog has turned into a staple for learning how to experiment with mixing colors and prints. In short, my style is that of a "lalalollipop": carefree and swirling with endless color.

I mainly shop vintage - Wasteland, Decades, I Want That Bag, American Rag. It’s a way for me to keep shopping designer without completely depleting my bank account!

IHH: What's a typical red carpet event like for you? (she styled Giuliana in the hot red strapless Robert Cavalli number below at the most recent Emmys)

LS: So much stress. Everything is last minute! Tracking down the tailor, the fine jewelry guards (you can’t just throw $700,000 of diamonds in your pocket for a fitting!), the incoming samples, returning the samples, the shoe status, handbag status, traffic, weather, underpinnings, lighting, hair, make-up - all while maintaining (and surpassing) the client's expectations. That’s just the start of the morning...

IHH: Your three favorite trends this fall are... 

LS: I don’t really follow trends, but right now I’m all about to-die-for flats, button-up shirts and story-telling accessories (the "elshane" way, of course).

[Photo from elshane.com]

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