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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

It's Time to Save Time

I love to save time. It thrills me to save time. I mean, who doesn't love it, right? I find that when I save time, I have more time to do things I'm most passionate about...um, like write this blog? While my heels don't necessarily save me any time (D. complains actually when we go somewhere and he has to walk at a snail's pace because of my footwear choice, oopsie...), I certainly try to find other ways to manage it. Since having little C. my little world has been turned upside down (and around). All you moms know what I mean! He turns two next month, so since Samsung asked me to help out with this post, I thought what a great time it would be to reflect on what I regularly practice to save time...and it might just make me think twice about how I can do better. So here goes...

I definitely multi-task
I must admit I'm terrible at this, but I do it. I have to do it - to save time! So, when I have my "free time" two mornings a week, I make sure I make a phone call I've been meaning to make for an appointment, or text someone I haven't had time to otherwise.

I schedule things early
When I think about something, I do it right then. Otherwise, silly ol' me will forget. Then, I write it down somewhere (love typing things in my phone!), so silly ol' me doesn't forget again. This pertains to the blog, too, believe or not. Psst...I schedule most of my blog posts ahead of time. So helpful!

I streamline
Used to be, everyone did their own laundry in our house. Now? I throw it all in there at once (well, most of it). Whoa, what a relief! It doesn't stress me out to separate everyone's stuff anymore, and it actually saves on the water bill. I've also started streamlining dinner much more so that I'm not cooking mini-meals for everyone. Whew. (oh, and on a side note, if you haven't tried "dry shampoo," look it up. It's a glam gal's streamlining lifesaver!)

I ask for help
This has been the kicker for me because I like to try to do everything on my own (well, to a certain degree - sometimes I like to depend on people...). I couldn't do everything I do without my parents, my husband and my friends. Sometimes asking someone for help is all you need to get something done, right?

So, now let me ask you how you save time?!

P.S. For more fun (helpful) tips, check out the cool widget from Samsung below...it's from a Twitter party we had a couple of weeks ago. Some of my tips are listed!

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