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Monday, November 7, 2011

Lilla P. Styling Challenge: STRIPES

Exciting news! I've teamed up with Lilla P, a line chock full of amazing basics that go beyond. Think super-cute stripes (like this one here!), amazing silks and quality knits you can throw on with your fav jeans or basic skirt (yes, and still look way put-together...that's where I'm going here!).

This week starts the first in a series of three weeks where I will show you how to style a piece I was provided from Lilla P. This week is obviously STRIPES! I've always been super-scared of wearing stripes (as I should be...they're tricky to wear!), but I've found the magic potion, girlies. For $84, this Pima Jersey v-neck (the most flattering style, in my opinion) slenderizes with the diagonal direction of the stripes. Genius. It's a bit stretchy - in a good way - and the long sleeves have shirred cuffs for a little extra oomph. 

I layered mine on top of a simple gray tank I already had in my closet, and matched it with a gray cotton scarf I looped around a couple times. While this shirt would look amazing with jeans (I wore it this way this past weekend actually...with riding boots) or black pants, I paired it with a classic black skirt I've had for ages and, of course, a pair of black zipper wedges.

So, tell me...how would you style these stripes? Psst...at the end of these three weeks, we're going to give away one of each shirt I wear. So c'mon and comment away!! xo


  1. Sweater is too cute! I definitly love how you used the scarf to break up the black shoes n skirt. I'd probably wear this sweater with black skinny jeans, pair of hottt ankle booties, and for a pop of color i'd wear a red scarf and accessorize with a red clutch! :)

  2. it didnt post my name... ugh ^Teri


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