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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Whiny Wednesday: Beyonce Rocks Ali Ro Dress

I'm obsessed, obsessed, obsessed with Ali Ro. Say that three times! No, but really I am. The trendy label makes some of the cutest pieces of contemporary clothing out there (celebs adore), so I'm excited to scream from the bottom of my peep-toes that Ali Ro has maternity!!!!!!! Aren't you ecstatic chic mamas-to-be?

And guess who was most recently spotted wearing the line? None other than Beyonce out and about in Brooklyn the other day (after her meeting her sister at Buttermilk for brunch, natch). The Ali Ro styles designed for pregnancy are available exclusively at apeainthepod.com, including the printed dress shown here. It retails for $250 and comes in small, medium or large. The boatneck is flattering, and what better time to wear a striking printed pattern than to show off a bump? I do love how Beyonce paired it with a classic black blazer to play off the vibrant pattern. Once it gets chilly here soon, this would look great with tights! Who says you can't be chic in maternity clothes now, huh??

P.S. little C. is adorable lately, just so you know. He's drinking from a straw (finally!) and doesn't even cry when I leave him during church now (gasp!) to play with the other kids. Yesterday, he took a two-and-a-half-hour-nap all by himself, which is EPIC. Ha. But, really, he's as sweet as ever and still attached to him mama. Swoon. Can't wait to get him in his big-boy-toddler cords...
[Photos Courtesy Ali Ro]

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