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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Whiny Wednesday: Keeping it Chic

You know I'm a sucker for a great shoe. And it's no different when it comes to shopping for little C. (shaking my head). I've been a shoe lover my ENTIRE life...funny story? When I was probably three years old or so, I had my fav pair of navy Velcro Cabbage Patch shoes I would *not* part with for anything. My parents tried to get me to stop wearing them because they were practically falling apart! I guess I finally forgot about them, but I was a little sad because I thought they were gone forever - until one day (years later) I saw them perched atop a shelf in my dad's woodworking shop. They had actually saved them for me...oh, and my heart went pitter patter. 

The shoes here are by a company that's so cute - Keep Company. And the "Benten" pair above (a two-tone cord slip-on, $35) reminds me of my little Cabbage Patch shoes I used to wear. We were so lucky to have these gifted with the pair below, and little C. has already taken to them so well (runs in the family, and let's hope he will part with them when the time comes a little better than I did!). Right now Velcro is great because they're so easy to get on and off, and it seems we're always in a hurry to get our shoes on to go somewhere.

The Ramos pair ($35) below looks like it has laces, but alas, nope. It has a hidden elastic strap for on and off ease. They're a sturdy canvas, and aren't you just gaga over the plaid details? So fall and stylish, yet still very much "all boy." I'm counting down the days little C. can put his shoes on unaccompanied, although I'm sure I will miss it once the time actually comes. He's getting closer all the time, and can already take his socks off (although he likes to wear socks most days...he's funny). I'm sure he wonders why he has so many different pairs of shoes in our so-called "shoe bin," but one day he will understand. It's allllll my fault!

P.S. little C. turns TWO next month - I can hardly believe it! Yep, the Virgo in me is already planning every party detail. And working on him saying "two" while holding it up with his hands. It's gonna be cute...
[Photos Courtesy Keep Company]

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