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Monday, December 12, 2011

Chinese Laundry Turbo Boot

It's funny I received note of Blake Lively wearing the Chinese Laundry Turbo boots around New York lately, because I recently received a reader email asking me about which boots I rely on for larger calves. I immediately referred her to the Turbo boot because it has just the right amount of flexibility that practically anyone can wear this boot (and trust me, you can't say that about very many knee-high boots...Blake can wear them, but we can all wear them!). I would def put these boots in my all-time top THREE.

It was love at first wear when I bought these boots (in a gorgeous black suede) at a DSW in Boston in 2007. I wondered around the HUGE store aimlessly, knowing that I wanted something comfortable, black and suede. Let me tell you, I wore those boots all over Boston (because I like to wear things I buy immediately) and I wore them for what seems like every day for the next couple of years (fashion week, for sure, nodding head) until finally I said a sad goodbye. Sob.

For some reason, I didn't think CL still made these boots, but YES. I am squealing and my Turbo boots are back in sight (no, you don't know how excited this makes me). I'm now pining over the cognac leather style shown here (this is my boot color a la moment) for $109.95. And I hope, hope, hope it makes it under that tree in a couple of weeks. I absolutely can't wait to channel my inner Blake Lively with my new sweater leggings. Girls, this is the boot to scoop up - for serious.

[Photos Courtesy Fingerprint/Chinese Laundry]

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