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Saturday, December 3, 2011

New Site! My Diamond Obsession Launches

Happy weekend, chicettes! I've got something I've been dying to share with you! One of my BFFs, H., just started her own jewelry business - My Diamond Obsession. (Yep, she hearts diamonds like I heart heels...imagine our shopping trips, right?!) As clichè as it sounds...I'm so obsessed! 

Here's the deal. You first take a short (fun!) quiz to find out your jewelry style (bold, vintage, classic, modern...by the way, the earrings above are the vintage style, and I heart them so much!). My style is "classic" (call me boring, but I know what I like and my jewelry tends to go with everything years later...and according to my quiz results I'm just like Katherine Hepburn). So, now that I know my style, I can browse the classic pieces that I love the most...it's that simple!

If you become obsessed with certain items, you can click the "obsessed" button, and when you visit the homepage you'll be able to see which items everyone seems to love the most at the moment (everyone's wearing it, hello). One of my fav features is the Virtual Jewelry Box where you can store all of your favorites in one spot and (ahem) hint to your special someone via email what you heart. 

On that note, these vintage earrings are going straight to D's inbox riiiiiight about now...

P.S. Follow My Diamond Obsession on Twitter or Facebook! H. just started this venture last month, so please, please, please help her out and follow along for me!! Air kisses and have a chic weekend, xoxo

[Photo Courtesy My Diamond Obsession]

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