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Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Simple Life

Sometimes I wanna crawl into a hole and just get rid of all of my stuff. Doesn't that sound completely weird and downright anti-fashion-and-beauty-blogger of me? Ok, I wouldn't get rid of my heels (eek!) or any of the products on this page, for that matter, but you get my point. There's something to be said about the simple life and just really weeding out all of the crap in your life. And that includes nasty chemicals in your skincare. I never honestly thought I could find three different product lines I love so much that I don't have to worry about what's put in them. Wanna know?

1. Neal's Yard Remedies
I've been sampling the Aromatic Shower & Body Care Collection, which contains certified organic ingredients (as all NYR products do), and I feel cleansed. Yes, figuratively and literally speaking. Oddly enough, my favorite from the collection of Geranium & Orange shower gel (must admit, not my fav scent of the bunch), Rose & Geranium body polish, Citrus hand wash and Rose & Geranium body lotion, is...the hand wash! It's still in my guest bathroom (gotta impress) and every, single person who visits makes a comment on its amazing citrus scent (yes, I now wash my hands in the guest bathroom only). Not to mention, the guest bathroom is really little C's bathroom now, so I feel confident enough to use the soap on his hands as well (ahhh, good ol' peace of mind...).
 2. NUDE
I've used NUDE products in the past, but never on my face, which can be quite finicky. So, for the past month, I've been trying The Balancing Collection, and oh la la. Not only is it gorgeous upon first glance, the three-step routine makes me feel so refreshed. And I almost want to write that in all caps because it really and truly is that refreshing. You can tell immediately when it hits your skin it's free of all the "bad stuff." And while the first step is the facial wash, the second step has me at hello every time. The hydrating water is a mist you spray on your face and then dab off with a cotton ball. You can even use it throughout the day to make your skin look refreshed (although I tend to forget!). This mist smells and feel so good - I love it! The final step is a moisturizer that also acts as an anti-ager (sigh...30 does feel quite harsh some days!). I will say my acne-prone skin still requires a spot treatment of something from my (amazing) dermatologist, but I do heart this skincare collection for being so pure.
3. REN 
REN's got some great shower gels, and even for men. I had been searching for something good for my husband to use without all those harsh chemicals (gotta look out for him!), and found this Shower Trio Gift Set ($65). So after I was sent a sample and D. tried it, he may or may not have squealed (ok, he would kill me for saying that, but he was excited!). The Neroli and Grapefruit Zest as well as Seaweed and Sage body washes are perfect for guys to use, and psst...I may or may not have requested this one so I could use the other body wash - Moroccan Rose Otto. Ok, yes, I did, and it truly smells divine. C'mon, you didn't think my gifting intentions were all good, right? Wink.

[Photos from Neal's Yard; Nude Skincare; REN]

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