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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Time to Get All Warm and Chic

Coat shopping, anyone? It's starting to get downright chilly down south (finally!), and it actually snowed this week - yikes! So, so pretty. I love just a light dusting where you can still get out and shop, if needed. (wink) I came across this brand I'm really digging called JNBY, and the fall collection has a lot of great stuff. 

If you prefer basic black, they've got the chicest number above (I'm all about the zipper), and while I'm not really into puffer jackets myself, they're really on-trend right now and can look cute if you find the right one (um, below?). I love the color of this one below! And the collection has some great outerwear pieces, it's not just tied to that. There are some amazing everyday pieces in the collection as well (just got finished scanning the site, and whoa, I'm in love!) Cool fact? Many of the garments in the collection can be tied in different places, zipped up multiple ways, and turned upside down, emphasizing the brand's desire to let each individual interpret the clothes in their own manner. You'll have to see it to believe it...wander on over there if you have time!

[Photos Courtesy JNBY]

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