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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Whiny Wednesday: Cards for Every Occasion

One of my fav things about this blog (and especially this weekly kid's column) is being able to be share with you my thoughts on specific products and which ones have really worked for me. Because, hey, you know just as well as I do that word-of-mouth is one of the best ways to learn about something great! Well, let me fill you in on something. I started ordering from Tiny Prints in 2009 when little C. was born and I ordered birth announcements, and now I can never order from anyone else. They're seriously that good. It's not just the super-duper cute cards, quality (this is major to me, too...I've received some cards that aren't near the quality of Tiny Prints) and huge selection (I literally spend hours searching, but it's fun to me!), it's also the amazing customer service. I've always received my cards ahead of time, and they even send you a personal email to say they're "looking over your order." I love that.

So, last year I ordered birthday invites (you know, the one with little C. dressed as an adorable giraffe!), and this year I was provided a credit to order both birthday invites and Christmas cards. I've always said I would never, ever send a Christmas card (admit, they're a bit cheesy...), but decided one with just little C. wouldn't hurt anything (no way I was putting my photo, haha!). So, we sent the card above and it turned out so perfect. I didn't do the rounded corners since it costs extra, but I love how large I could get little C's photo so the focus was on him (by the way, I took his photo in front of the Christmas tree with my new lens, and let me tell you that was fun...he does not sit still very long!).
So, let's back up a bit. Several weeks before I even thought about ordering the Christmas cards, I ordered and sent out these cute-as-a-button fish invites for little C's second birthday (more on this in a separate post!). They were actually what inspired the whole theme of the party when I saw them and it donned on me, "yes, he does love fish!" (not to mention, his room is blue and orange!) So I ordered the return address labels below to match them. Adorable. Return address labels are well worth not having to sign your name a jillion times, and they look so much nicer, no?
Last, but certainly not least, I ordered the thank you notes below. They're the exact canvas design by DwellStudio little C. has in his room, so I couldn't resist (and there weren't really any fish thank you notes...). I just sent them out yesterday, so if you're reading this and you came to C's party, expect to see it live and in person today! Hope you like it as much as I do. 

P.S. In case you love these particular designs, I've put together all of the info right here for you! 

Christmas card: Most Merry: Spanish Red, Designed by Sarah Hawkins Designs for Tiny Prints  

Birthday invite: Fishes Kisses: Sky, Designed by Turquoise Creative for Tiny Prints

Return address labels: Goldfish Bowl: Surf, Designed by Jill Smith Design for Tiny Prints 

Thank you notes: Colorful Dots: Blue Moon: Linen, Designed by DwellStudio for Tiny Prints  

[Photos Courtesy Tiny Prints]

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