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Friday, December 23, 2011

Winter Hats Are Chic

Finished with your Christmas shopping? Kourtney Kardashian's still going strong! She was spotted on Rodeo Drive this week shopping up a storm in the cutest lil' hat ever. And I'm squealing with excitement because I found out where I (err, you) can find it. 

It's the navy wool felt hat from Hat Attack, and while I couldn't dig up the exact same hat, there are several wool felt hats in the fall collection (including a navy one), I absolutely adore. From fedoras to floppies, it really doesn't matter. You can use a felt hat to spruce up any ol' outfit in an instant (and keep you warm). Plus, it just looks so celeb-like, no? (add the shades and everyone will be whispering...)

P.S. I hope you all have a blessed, faaaaaaabulous holiday weekend, I really do. I know I'm going to (try) to put up my feet and relax and not eat too many sweets (bashful face). We'll visit lots of family, too, and I'm sure they'll be a shopping trip involved at some point. Who knows, maybe I'll wear a hat or two. ;) With that being said, I haven't decided if I'll blog, so keep checking back just in case it happens...heart you all to pieces! xoxo

[Photo Courtesy Hat Attack]

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