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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Be A Bombshell

I know, I know. Everyone wants to be a bombshell (or at least feel like one, right?). Well, I'm proud to say I've been channeling my inner bombshell (who knew?) the past few weeks by trying out Be A Bombshell Cosmetics. Now, what's cool for me, is that the founders are from my very own city down south and just started the company last year. Kudos to them - what a cute idea!

Basically, these lovelies are producing high-quality makeup at a much lower cost, but besides being able to shop online for your products, you can fill out a beauty profile to get started. That way they can send you an email each month with products chosen just for you! Don't you just love personalization? Especially when it comes to picking out your fav makeup, right?

I've been trying out the mascara and eyeliner because those are two things I can never go without. When I go without one or the other, I feel completely naked (and not like a bombshell). So I'm proud to say their mascara (in Onyx, a beautiful black) has passed my rigorous test - and it's just $11.95! The eyeliner is pretty amazing as well (also in Onyx, $11.95) - it's like a little crayon or marker that goes on super-easy around the eye. Just be really careful with those shaky hands (or have your concealer) ready as this stuff stays realllllly put! The line also carries blush, eye shadow and lip gloss, so be sure to check those out as well - I'm sure they're very bombshell-worthy. 

Now, for the fun part! Once 10 people "like" our post on Facebook, we'll draw one winner (at random) to take home their very own bundle of Be A Bombshell Cosmetics. Now, don't you like that??

[Photos from beabombshell.com]

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