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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Bright Jeans For Spring...Still So, Very Chic

Before we jump into fall next week (next fall that is...you know it is Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week...so get ready!), let's get a little sentimental over spring, shall we? Ahhh....bright colors! While you shouldn't necessarily shy away from them in fall/winter, spring is just *bursting* with color (and not to mention the sun we've missed so much...although today down south it's supposed to be a balmy 70 degrees! is that right?! um, YES, I'll take it!)!

Earnest Sewn (a fav of the Olsens, I do believe) is launching their staple mid-rise skinny jean (Esra) in sooooo many beautiful colors for spring...help me, I'm dyyyyying over them! Neon Pink, Kelly Green, Blue (my fav), Orange and Red, will all hit stores in March...OR in mid-February you can pre-order them on the Web. (I do suggest - they might get snatched quick!) If you haven't leaped onto the bright-jeans-bandwagon just yet, these are a great pair to get started. Pretty darn tempted myself...
[Photo Courtesy Earnest Sewn]

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