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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Elie Saab is Spring Perfection

Since I went completely triple bananas over Rose Byrne's Elie Saab Couture pantsuit the other night at the SAG Awards, I found it quite fitting to relay to you photos of the spring collection. Jaw-dropping gorgeous gowns, no?

Just look at the shoulder details, layers of gazar and luminous white shantung silk, watery green, embroidered silver...if I were sitting at this runway show, I would've literally gasped throughout the entire time.

While the long gowns do take centerstage, I'm awestruck over how chic the shorter ones are...I heart the tulle flowers and and the silvery white sends me into a full-on tizzy. Whoa...head spinning. Must have.

But, I'm pretty certain it's the cute-as-a-button, yet oh-so-glam tangerine-hued frock that has completely won my heart. Be still, be still. The volume is so right, and the embroidery and lace give way to an ethereal, magical, magical piece. 

Obvi I have absolutely nowhere to wear something of this nature, but if ever the moment arose, Elie Saab, you're on my want list. Spring's finest perfection...well done. 

[Photos Courtesy Elie Saab]


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