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Friday, January 27, 2012

First Look! alice + olivia Spring

Spring is about to, well, spring! I was sooooo excited (yes, squealing) when I laid my eyes on the first round of spring for alice + olivia. You know a+o just so happens to be a fav label of mine, so to see the blue! the green! the sequins! (yes, you can't have an a+o collection without sequins...) Well, I was giddy. 

Blue and green are two of this redhead's fav hues, and I think these pieces are going to look gorgeous on me, thanks. :) We're seeing a lot of one-shoulder pieces for spring, so it's time to work those shoulders! And a+o has always been famous for pants (where do you think designer Stacey Bendet got her nickname staceypants??), so be prepared to have a complete fashion omg-moment when you try these suckers on for the first time. (p.s. you can't have the green ones - they're mine!)

But, seriously, the draping on these garments is outstanding. So much that it makes me wanna take a romantic spring getaway and wear nothing but alice + olivia. Don't tempt me.

P.S. These have already hit stores, so hurry, hurry!

[Photos Courtesy alice + olivia]

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