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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Kate Beckinsale in Donna Karan Sequins

Sometimes I think to myself, if I could look like Kate Beckinsale, life would be so much easier. (Ok, and then I come back to earth and realize I have it pretty darn good.) But, despite making my life easier, I wouldn't mind looking like Kate Beckinsale. I mean, goodness gracious. She wore a sequin Donna Karan pre-fall (2012, natch) gown to The Late Show with David Letterman this week. 

How is that for inspiring you to head to the gym, huh? I must admit I never wear one-shoulder dresses, sequins or this (sometimes awkward) length. And I'm honestly not sure how many of us can get away with it? Give me just a few more of those planks and Pilates push-ups I've been serving up and don't put it past me to pull this sucker out at my next red carpet event. Hmph, and you think I'm kidding...

P.S. Spotted Kate at Intermix in L.A. once. Yep, she's just as beautiful (and thin) in person. Um, I didn't buy anything that day.

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  1. Kate is my #1 girl crush. Stunning and always looks amazing. Plus, she has my dream hair!


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