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Friday, January 13, 2012

Kirstin Dunst Sweetly Chic in Dior

I just can't resist a fabulous photo of Miss Kirstin Dunst. She's been off the "scene" for so long, it's great to have her back - and chicer than ever. People have told me I look just like her since I first started college (I honestly think it was the red hair in Spiderman, but whatever), so I've always been destined to have a "girl crush" on her. 

Right now, she's the female lead in Melancholia, so she's been making the promotion rounds and she really nailed it in this black dress by Dior. Slightly avant garde (as KD's style tends to be...she's a major Rodarte fan, after all), yet in a playful way. The bow details and tulle around the bottom lend a sweet and sexy vibe. Plus, with that messy side ponytail (everyone's doing it!) and ankle-strap peep-toes, I wanna be her. Love, love and love. 

Now, go have fun with your long-weekend-self (hopefully you have one!). Air kisses from me to you...xo

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