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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Living in My Lucy Activewear

I'm a Pilates junkie - ok, there I said it. I always wanted to find my "exercise niche," but never quite could. I get out of breath if I try to run a whole five minutes (embarrassing, I know, I'm pouring my heart out here); free weights completely bore me (although I know they're necessary) and I'm just not very disciplined to walk on the treadmill (oh, and I'm kinda lousy at swimming - although I own a pool...go figure). So, when I discovered Pilates my heart skipped beat (ok, yes, literally, it was so hard at first). I've been practicing for about four years now, and it never fails to challenge me - that's why I love it so.

I used to attend three days a week, now it's two and I'm juuuuust about to ramp it back up to four times a week. With that being said, these are some of my new fav pants! I received a sample of the Lucy Activewear Lotus Power Pants ($89), and haven't looked back. The stomach series is so amazingly fun now! Ok, I'm lying on that one. But, really and honestly, these pants are GREAT. Why exactly?

Appearance: I truly adore the "asphalt" heather gray hue...I'm a sucker for wearing black, and these are the prettiest (most flattering alternative) out there. The sleek straight leg is also (surprisingly!) cute - what a nice change from all of the bootcuts I own. There's also a cute little pocket inside for your locker key...aww, adorable.

Fit: Most important right? According to the size chart, I wear a small, but I know better than that. Workout gear naturally runs smaller, so I opted for the medium, and hello. So glad I did! (these are def body-hugging!) The fit is absolutely perfect, and they are super flattering...I love the way they feel, too.

Performance: Probably the best part about these pants - they don't move! They're meant to hug the body (in a comfy way), so they're ideal for when you "roll like a ball" or practice your "downward dog" (yoga fans). I also took these for a spin on the treadmill (yes, I hate it, but it's oh-so-necessary) and they are amazing for high-intensity runs (or even low, in my case, ha). With that being said, the fabric is moisture wicking so you don't feel all gross when you're finished. Eww.

Yes, they're a tad pricier than some pants you'll find at larger chain stores, but these are money well spent. I promise you I'll have these around for years to come instead of buying gazillions of other lower-priced (not so quality) pants. And I'll look cuter, too. :) Oh, I think I could live in Lucy!

[Photo Courtesy Lucy]

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