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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Pyrrha Necklaces Make Our Hearts Race

I've awaited a necklace for so long now that has meaning...substance, if you will. And something that looks old and medieval, striking. A necklace that might look pretty amazing layered with others and like something that you found at the back of your grandmother's jewelry box (and even though you didn't it still has an amazing story behind it). Introducing Pyrrha, my new jewelry crush. 

The company offers handmade "wax seal" jewelry by casting 19th-century wax seals into meaningful pieces of jewelry (aka art). Sterling silver, bronze or 14kt gold, each has a unique meaning. Take the style above: Fidelity and Love Conquer All. So rich in symbolism and chic as can be. The style below is Martlet and Heart, representing the happiness born out of love. If someone bought me this, I might just die. How sweet and romantic and I'm sobbing in tears right now as I type...kidding, but you get the point. To have and to hold, I now want a Pyrrha necklace so terribly bad.

P.S. Jennifer Morrison most recently wore a Pyrrha necklace (with a swan for grace, beauty and poetry, natch) on her ABC show Once Upon a Time.
[Photos Courtesy POP]

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