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Thursday, January 5, 2012

To Own a Pair of Current/Elliott

Would it be completely terrible of me to say one of my New Year's resolutions is to own a pair of Current/Elliott jeans? Don't hate me, but it's true. I've tried jeans left and right, and the next pair I buy will more than likely be of pair of CE's (I was fondling every pair I saw at Barneys over the weekend, but alas...I just couldn't decide!). What's crazy is just yesterday I almost tried on this exact pair shown here in red (they look very similar, anyway...)! 

You probably don't recognize her here, but it's Olivia Wilde (gasp!) doing her thing in the Current/Elliott ankle skinny in Oregano Boa. I love all of the layering (hello, practical, too...she's in New York, after all!), and everyone must own a pair of black riding boots exactly for an outfit like this. I'm not necessarily a huge fan of baseball caps, but look. It's Olivia Wilde, and she gets away with it (obvi, it's a great disguise). Now, back to the skinnies...aren't they adorable? This is the year folks, this is the year. Current/Elliott - you're mine.

[Photo Courtesy BPCM]

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