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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Whiny Wednesday: B. Toys

I think after the huge birthday/Christmas present sweep of December, little C. now owns just about every toy from B. Toys. No, really. My obsession started when our local Barnes & Noble started carrying the line (we go to the "bookstore" just about every week), and for his first birthday he received a few of the wind-up cars as a gift. Fast forward a year, and whoa mamas. When I found out the toys were BPA/lead/phthalate-free I nearly jumped for joy in my wedges...in the bookstore. I also love that they clearly label everything that way...because, hey, we're not mind-readers, right?

His fav toy of the moment from the B. line are the Stackadoos above. HUGE home run on this toy! And I must admit, I do have fun myself making him his own "stackadoo train." I love toys that encourage the imagination and this one certainly does that...there are so many things to build! Or you can sort the different colors, as little C. loves to do, haha. 

Other popular hits? The Fish & Splish boat (it's seriously what got him back in the bathtub, girlies!! he was scared of the drain for several weeks, poor thing...) and the Critter Clinic. (um and so glad he loves because this one wasn't cheap!) It's so adorable when he checks the little kitty cat's temperature and then gives it a hug. Swoon. 

I love so much how little C. is learning new things every day. After he receives a toy for the first time, it's amazing how much he has figured out within days. I love just watching him figure it all out - his little mind works and works! Obvi, I'm a little prejudiced, but he's so smart (did you know he can seriously already count to 10?! and he can put together a 3-year-old jigsaw puzzle...ok, I'm done, I'm done!). I'm trying to cut myself off of the B. Toys for a little while, so he can enjoy what he has, but if you're looking for a gift or toy idea for your child, both Barnes & Noble and Target carry a good deal of these toys. Check them out, chic mamas!! 

P.S. I will say the only letdown so far is the Car Go Cargo...there's just not much to it, so we use the little cars on a car garage he already owns! ;) If you're interested, I'll review some of the other toys, just let me know...

[Photo from BarnesandNoble.com]

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  1. I LOVE this toy line!!! Haven't seen one yet that I didn't like, but that's good to know about the Car Go Cargo. LOVE to see you do a GIVEAWAY from the B. Toys line.... ;-)
    (I've been looking for some blocks like the Stackadoos, may have to pick some up for my Grandson!!!)


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