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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Cynthia Rowley Chats with Us At Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

By Tiffany Piñero, Fashion Week Correspondent

Catching up with Cynthia Rowley before her fall runway show was such a good time. I mean, doesn't every designer have an opening in their schedule to shoot the breeze before the unveiling of a major collection?! Clearly that question is dripping in sarcasm, but amazingly enough, the fabulous CR broke free from putting the last-minute touches on her oh-so-chic collection to chat with a few special bloggers, and YES! I Heart Heels made the cut (insert mah-jor swoon here).

In the Cynthia Rowley for Band-Aid Backstage lounge (yes, pretty cool there was a Band-Aid lounge, right?), the talented designer said she was "really excited" to show her upcoming collection (the Beach Sport Kit, which is available this spring!) and when asked what she was looking forward to most she replied, "Probably the music - it's sick!" I also asked her how she felt about her designs for Band-Aid hitting the shelves at such a major retailer like Target. She said, "I'm really excited to see people work them into their medicine cabinets and be a household product." And she herself was sporting the gold chain printed Band-Aid on her index finger to cover a recent snafu. The styles are sooooo cute you will look for a reason to wear one!

As for the main event? It was at the westside's IAC building, leaving all the guests to fill bleachers on one side and the other side a barren wall that would showcase footage of the models coming down the runway at various angles. The collection itself had heavy doses of eclectic prints and tops and dresses anchored by simple turtlenecks that gave everything a refined look. Chic surprises came from the down-and-dirty inspiration of a garage mechanic with opulent necklines by the girls of DANNIJO (who we love by the way). From leather pieces to coveralls, this is def a collection that's far from the usual. But it's the adventurous spin from Cynthia Rowley that we've come to covet and keeps us coming back time and time again for more. 

Thanks for your time Cynthia. We HEART you. xo 

P.S. Yep, caught a glimpse of the gorgeous Rebecca Romijn backstage IRL (that's in real life). Just as gorgeous as you might imagine. ;)

[Runway photos from Style.com; Backstage photos by Tiffany Piñero]

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