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Monday, February 27, 2012

My New Fav Candle

I can't take a spa break every week, although I would certainly like to, sheesh. I don't even take a spa break every couple of months...busy, busy, busy. So lately I've been burning the sample candle I received by Archipelago Botanicals - in Gardenia Tuberose ($24.50).

It really is as delightful as it sounds. For some reason I don't like to burn candles during the day (and I'm afraid I'll forget and leave it burning...eek), so every night I light up the candle on my fireplace mantle and it somehow makes our house feel that much homier. And the scent relaxes me. So, why is it not just any candle, you ask?

I love that it's 70-percent natural soy wax with a lead-free wick (many candles have lead wicks, you know...can you believe?) - and it's supposed to burn 50 hours (wow!), which is much longer than other "normal" candles. That's all in addition to the amazing scent (and there are tons and tons to choose from..). So fresh and so clean - loooove it!

[Photo from Archipelago]

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