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Friday, February 3, 2012

Sam Edelman and American Eagle Collaborate

Who doesn't love a great shoe collaboration? I'm excited to share with you American Eagle and Sam Edelman are now collab-ing on the line, Sam Edelman for AEO. Love it!!! It's a genius mix of the laidback, cool-girl vibe of American Eagle with the celebrated shoe designer everyone loves. Best part? All of the shoes range in price from $39.50-$59.50 (so it's less than you would normally pay for a more upscale Sam Edelman shoe). 

The collection includes some really cute ballet flats (crocheted!) and summer sandals, but I'm reallllly crushing on the Twist wooden wedge shown on the model above and in the photo just below (I do like the two-tone, by the way, but the solid pair on the model is actually my very fav - so classic!). Either way, these wedges are $59.50, so I won't be broke when I do decide to run out and get them (this weekend's looking great...). 

P.S. My fav flats from the line are pictured below - the gladiator. They look verrrry similar to most of SE's original gladiators (their sandals are all-around amazing, so you should def own a pair). These are just $49.50. Happy shoe shopping...and bring on spring, right?!
 [Photos Courtesy American Eagle]


I'm shoe shopping right now. But leave me a message here and I'll get back to you!