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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Whiny Wednesday: Essential Nursing Tank

If you're new to I Heart Heels and just visiting, rest assured, this is a once a week column, so don't freak out on me. Ha. I do have a two-year-old (little C.), so blogging about mom "stuff" is important to me as well. It's all quite a juggle - ya know, the whole fashion and being a mom thing. But, I love the juggle! :) And I'm hear to say you can still be fashionable and a mom - or even mom-to-be. Which leads me to this amazing tank ($49) from Bravado.

It's for nursing moms, so let me get this straight. I'm not currently pregnant and I didn't just have a baby. Whew, ok moving on. My family friend M. did happen to just have a baby a few months ago, however, and she's been testing out this lovely little tank. (Oh, if you didn't read my review the first time, here it is!)

Just like me, she likes to keep things simple and chic, so she requested the black (gotta love it!). The verdict? "Overall, it's great! I like that it could be worn as a pregnancy tank (extra room in the belly, but isn't too big to wear postpartum. Also, the support is great! I was even able to wear it as a bra with my clothing.

The only thing I haven't got used to are the snaps at the shoulder. I found the flap a little hard to open and close with just one hand. [editor's note: If you read my review linked above, you'll see that it just takes some time to adapt like everything...this tank was def a hands-down fav of mine!] All in all, it's comfortable and the material is soft, and could be worn either to lounge around the house in, to do yoga or wear under clothes for work."

And with spring, comes tons of new super-gorgeous colors you'll love. So, keep checking the site! Unless, of course, you heart black like M., and that's totally ok. Wink.

[Photo from Bravado]

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