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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Be Bold This Spring

I can't believe I'm showing you this today, but LOOK. I'm wearing flats, y'all. I know, gasp, right? Obvi everyone's feet need a break, and I'm no different. The key? Choose chic flats, duh. Ballet flat styles are the only (and I mean only!) style I run around town in when I'm not in heels - and these have sequins (squeal!). Look for a more detailed post next week on these flats (hint: they're a fav (comfy) brand of mine!).

Instead of the feet though, today I'm really here to highlight the BOLD trend more than anything. Bright hues, jewel tones and fluorescents are gonna hang around for awhile. Is that ok with you? It is with me! (Just yesterday I posted on Jessica Alba's gorgeous red jeans...she's an outfit inspiration, if you will!) What I love about this outfit is it stays with my true style of classic and tailored, but throws in a little curve ball, if ya will. That extra "pop" of color! I never, ever thought I would wear red pants in my life (especially with my hair color!), but look at me go, haha. Sometimes it's fun to experiment and step out of that comfort zone, whatever it may be for you. For me, this is taking a HUGE risk (I mean, I'm wearing flats) - oh, and I love it. ;)

P.S. I've recently been shopping at Kohl's and they have some amazing bold color options out there, including a great pair of red jeans I spotted. Look for more deets on my Kohl's experience as of late very soon! Oh, and more info on the colored denim trend as well. -xoxo

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