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Friday, March 2, 2012

The Chicest Sneaks on the Planet

I'm a heels girl through and through, I just can't shake it. I have to be honest and say I'm not generally comfortable wearing "sneakers" other than those I wear to the gym. I just don't feel chic enough, shrug. (and psst...if I'm wearing heels, I feel like it's a little more ok to have sloppier hair or less make-up) Ok, now enter the sneakers that have changed my little heel-loving world. Teva's new Fuse-Ion ($90) - holy wow. 

These have to be the most comfortable sneakers I've set foot in (and yes, I own a pair of Converse I love, but...), for serious. I have no idea why they're so comfy (extra cushioning?), but the main reason they're so cool is they're waterproof. Insert gasp. Perfect for all the upcoming spring showers (groan). And a little techie info for ya? The spider rubber + J Step outsole is so “sticky” it will keep you on your feet in the slickest of conditions, and the ion-mask™ technology prevents them from absorbing any water on a molecular level. Yep. you read that right...molecular. 

Things are getting serious with my new Tevas sneaks, folks. Since you do realize I'm a mom to a very (very!) busy two-year-old toddler, you'll understand when I say these are definite on-the-move kicks. And you know what? I love the design so much I've been pairing them with all of my skinny jeans (even the colored ones, squeal!). So I can still feel chic and be comfortable. Whew. 

Happy Friday to you!

P.S. Oh, and they come in black, grey and red (the sample pair I received is grey and I heart them!).

[Photo taken via Instagram]

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