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Friday, March 9, 2012

The Deets on J Lo's Jumpsuit

Honestly, I just don't have much time to watch TV - and it's very hard for me to blog with any distractions whatsoever. So, I never really turn the TV on, unless my mom is texting me that something amazing is on...um, like this Barbara Bui jumpsuit J Lo wore the other night on American Idol?

Who else besides Jennifer Lopez can manage to wear a white. jersey. jumpsuit. Um, and actually look good in it? Not I, said the fly. The metal torc (that's the neckline) is icing on the cake. My question is, what on earth kind of bra do you wear?? Don't answer that because I think I know. But still, I would feel so exposed. Pretty sure I'll leave this one up to Jenny, and just wear my chambray jumpsuit this spring. Wink.

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