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Monday, March 5, 2012

Jessica Alba Hearts Her Sanctuary Charmers

Jessica Alba is obviously madly in love with colored denim - she's been spotted in multiple hues lately from yellow to gorgeous red! And I have to say, I'm pretty obsessed myself. Bring ON the colored denim (just not in yellow for me, please). Jessica has been wearing the Sanctuary Charmer skinny jeans ($139) in the color Rhubarb. 

I actually just received a pair of these for myself over the weekend and have been wearing them nonstop (psst...I'm working on a colored denim story, so full deets are coming very soon!!). While mine are a deep purple (aka eggplant), I can't get enough of how you can wear them with any type of shoe: riding boot (check); high heel/wedge (check); ballet flat (check). 

The fit is pretty second skin (on me, anyway), but it's a very comfy one. And I think in this case a darker hue (including this red) is more flattering for this fit. A longer, flowy top is best suited for the tighter-fitting-bottom. And it's always fun to use contrast: black with red here, but I love both black and white (!) with my purple pair. You can even add a striking necklace to the mix! This spring it's all about stepping a little out of your muted-palette comfort zone. We're all guilty, right? ;)

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  1. I purchased these in a size 28, my normal size and they fit very nicely. The rose color is a more flesh toned than pink but still very nice. The thing I appreciate the most is the fact that the waistband is not super rigid and stretches. So, no muffin-top but also no gaps in the back.


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