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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Label We Heart: Currer Bell

I can't help but crush on this new line I've discovered, and I need someone to share my crush with...will you partake? It's called Currer Bell, and I'm gushing over it all. The minute it popped into my inbox (the fifth photo shown here, to be exact), I knew I had to find out more. And once I received the fall lookbook? I wanted to copy and paste every, single look here. But alas, I'm an editor and I chose my favs for you to see.

Currer Bell, which began just last year, is a collab between Geren Lockhart (of the Geren Ford label that we all heart so much) and Nancy Parker, a London-based textile designer (of Nancy Parker Studio Ltd.) The line is actually named after the pseudonym for novelist/poet Charlotte Bronte and thus caters "to the creative and independent woman who seeks timeless and intelligent fashion." 

The collection is print-driven, which is why I'm surprised I love it so much because I just don't wear many prints. But these prints are magical. They're quite subdued and wearable, and the overall cut and look of each of the garments is absolutely perfect. You can wear prints. And, my oh my, I'm all over every precious one of these shown here. It's gonna be a Currer Bell fall, y'all.

[Photos Courtesy Currer Bell]

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