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Monday, March 26, 2012

Label We Heart: Madison Harding

A great high heel never (ever) fails to excite me. Ok, you either? So, when I started flipping through the fall lookbook for Whitney Port's clothing line Whitney Eve (full review on that to come soon, by the way!) and realized all of the shoes were by Madison Harding, I was squealing for hours. Ok, days. 

I know it's hard to start thinking about fall shoes again as we enter spring, but let's enter this dream world for just one moment. Shall we? I actually just recently discovered Madison Harding (I know, right, am I living in a cave? they've been around since 2006...) and they're so very perfect for my aesthetic, inspired by the street fashion of New York. Think timelessness and downtown, city-girl chic (plus, celebs like Ashlee Simpson, Chloe Sevigny and obvi, Whitney Port, heart them, too.). 

"The Madison Harding girl has an incontestable love for mixing vintage touches with modern trends in art, music, culture and fashion. Our girl has grace, distinction and individual style from head to toe. She wants her shoes to stand out, yet exude an effortless cool." -- Barri Budin, designer/co-founder
So, basically I gathered a few of my fav styles from the fall collection to show you and allow you to swoon with me...are you game?  Let's go ahead and add Madison Harding to the "must-have" shoe brands for my closet. 

P.S. The spring collection is just as awe-worthy...if you're interested in seeing it, let me know in the comments! xo

[Photos Courtesy Madison Harding]

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