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Friday, March 30, 2012

A Little Chat with Stuart Weitzman - and The Man Repeller

 By Sarah Kleinhenz, Guest Blogger

As you can imagine, any shoe-obsessed girl in her right mind would kill for the opportunity to get to chat one-on-one with Stuart Weitzman and Leandra Medine (aka The Man Repeller). I had so much fun getting to know the faces behind their popular brands - the entire event was such a fun experience! (hello, Solange Knowles even DJed!) Put fabulous women around a bunch of amazing shoes, and what do you expect, right? 

I was surrounded by peep-toes, sky-high heels, wedges and colorful flats! What's a girl to do? Purchase a pair, of course! As Solange spun tunes, and wine and cocktails were passed around, I felt like a kid in a candy store. Trying on several pairs of spring's must-have designs, I ended up going with a fabulous pair of mint-green (SW labels the color "salad") and silver cap toe pumps (called the "Capsize"). EEK! The same style both Solange and Leandra (in pink) wore to the event (see above!). If you want a sexy, comfortable and affordable investment shoe, you need to get to Stuart Weitzman quick! As warmer weather approaches (thank goodness), these gorgeous shoes may be out of stock - or out of reach! 

Keep reading below for my one-on-one Q&As (all of the SW questions were submitted by I Heart Heels Twitter followers, so thank you!)...

What inspires your shoe designs? -- submitted by @MrsTaraW

Stuart Weitzman: Over the years, it's changed. I started out designing bridal shoes when there wasn't anyone else doing it. Then I moved to designing for the celebrity, the career woman, the fashionista, and sometimes even the fashion victim. Overall, I would say I design for the career woman. That's who the "Stuart Weitzman woman" is, after all.

Is there a particular women's style that's helped shape your brand? -- submitted by @Fabulous_Soles

SW: The evening shoe. It's what started my brand, and it's what I'm most known for today.

Urban moms walk pushing 1K strollers - we need shoes! Will Stuart Weitzman expand to make a luxury athletic style shoe? -- submitted by @holidickeys

SW: It doesn't have to be an athletic shoe women wear to run errands or around with their kids. We have a great shoe in our stores now. It's a cross between an espadrille and a tennis shoe, and we can't keep it in the stores. Women love how comfortable it is and how great it looks on them!


Who is the "Stuart Weitzman woman?" -- submitted by @erinbgray

SW: Women like Ivanka Trump who are stylish, put-together, career women. They're the women who keep coming back to a brand they can trust and depend on. So many of my customers tell me they keep buying SW shoes because they can wear them all day and they don't kill their feet. 
Just last week Sofia Vergara walked into our Beverly Hills store on her own. No one asked her to shop at our store. She was there for about an hour and bought eight pairs of shoes! She loved how comfortable they were -  and plans on buying our brand regularly [going forward].


And, of course, catching up with The Man Repeller...
I Heart Heels: Tell us about those gorgeous shoes you're wearing? 
Leandra Medine:They're Stuart Weitzman, of course. They're the new spring heel. Blush patent with a silver cap toe.

IHH: What are a few attributes to a "man-repelling" shoe?

LM: An insanely high heel, odd color, print (for bonus) and it covers the whole foot.

IHH: How are you paring your fav heels these days?

LM: I'm obsessed with overly-loose boyfriend jeans. The more holes, the better. Fringe is my obsession, so you can bet I'm wearing some fringe with these pants, too.

ME: With so many blogs around now, any advice to upcoming bloggers?

LM: Just stay true to yourself. Don't try and keep up with what other bloggers are doing or try to match their style.

IHH: So what's next for you?

LM: I'm coming out with a book next year (2013). It will be a bunch of short essays on fashion. I'm really excited about it and can't wait to share with my readers!
[Photo Credit: Sarah Kleinhenz; WireImage]

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  1. Love the advice for bloggers. I think authenticity is so important and people crave that from other people.


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