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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Nicole Miller: Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week F/W 2012

By Tiffany Piñero, Fashion Week Correspondent

Nicole Miller had an unexpected vibe brewing for her fall 2012 runway show. The press release on each seat focused on "the past playing out in the present" through digital prints on a range of fabrics. Still, there wasn't a major hint as to what the line would look like, and then the flood gates opened of a retro era revisited as floppy hats, bell bottoms and gypsy sleeves came out in full force. 

But, these looks had a more modern twist when being dabbled in these digital prints. And they didn't totally come from the late 60's, but also had hints of their second appearance in the 90's - maybe the third time is the charm for this boho-gone-bold style? 

Some of my favorites were looks of detail, patchwork leather, bright, oversized prints and the duo of dark, mysterious pieces that ended the show. While, quite possibly my favorite moment, was spotting Elle's Creative Director Joe Zee across the runway from me. He joined me in a photo after the show and couldn't have been sweeter. Not a bad way to wrap up an exciting show, eh? 

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[Photo Credit: Tiffany Piñero]

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