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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

How I Wore My Heels: Casual Friday

"Casual Friday" doesn't really mean casual Friday, in case you were mistaken. It means a slightly less formal look...aka, effortlessly chic. You know, the whole I just crawled out of bed and didn't do a thing to look this way. Even though it took, say, hours? Blush. I'm not 'fessing up to that, but I will say you can do so much with a tee - even if it's just choosing one in a bold color (loooooving coral right now!). Um, obviously it's hard to see wedges with these gigantic flares, so I took a little close-up, so you can see just how fab they really are. These wedges are heartbreakers, indeed.

Here's how I wore my heels:
* Tortoise shades by Tory Burch (a splurge for me and worth every. single. penny.)
* Coral tee gifted LnA (trust me I've bought my weight in these tees...they're my single most fav tee out there, and this one is actually linen! love the high-low hem, too...)
* Flare jeans from Rock & Republic, gifted by Kohl's (more to come on these very soon, but these jeans are uber-comfy and I can't say that enough...and what a great alternative to all those skinnies!)
* Pink mini MAC gifted by Rebecca Minkoff (you've seen this bag over & over...enough said?)
* Assortment of bracelets, including J.Crew, Lia Sophia and a few others I've had forever
* Peep-toe wedges gifted by Report (these candy-colored confections are straight-up amazing for spring/summer...have yet to wear them without a compliment!)


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