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Friday, April 6, 2012

How to Wear the White Denim Jacket

I'm gonna leave you with this image of Jessica Alba wearing the white J Brand "403" denim jacket ($229) with a pair of bright-blue skinny AG jeans (of which I've heard are pretty amazing, but I've never tried...). I have a white denim jacket I looooove to wear every spring (mine's from J.Crew) and I'm pretty excited to see this combo. A white denim jacket with all of the bright denim skinnies of the season? Yes, please!

I overheard (um, oversaw?) someone say on Twitter the other day they would never wear a denim jacket, and I was so surprised! I refrained from interjecting, but I must say that my denim jackets (in both blue and especially white) are staples of mine. I love to pair them with dresses, jumpsuits, skirts, shorts (sometimes even my workout pants, seriously) and now I'll try colored denim. 

Just a slight warning. The only way it can come off chic is if it's (a) cropped/fitted (with the sleeves rolled up) and (b) white (the contrast is so nice). Extra points for an infinity scarf to pull it all together (Jessica must have, what, 8,000 of those by now, right??) - oh, and a super-sweet side braid.

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