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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Lisa Rinna Has a New Book, Clothing Line

Lisa Rinna interview about new book and Day of Our Lives
Earlier this week, I pick up my phone, "Hey, it's Lisa!" Um, Lisa Rinna, that is. Oh, this job never gets old. It's now been a few years since I've chatted with Lisa, and she's still the same sweet person on the phone - so easy to talk to and like a BFF. (some interviews don't always go this way, mind you) Lisa's got a brand-new book out May 1 and obviously you've seen her in her new Depend ads, right?? Not to mention, Monday is her very-first QVC show for a new affordable line she's been working so hard on - all of this while returning to Days of Our Lives as her character, Billie Reed. Whew. Lisa's such a hard worker (and a mom at that!), so I was tickled to ask her all of the details.

On returning to Days of Our Lives
It's really been fun - it feels like riding a bike. We had a great time - [I worked with] people from the past and people who are new. I worked for three months, so I haven't been working as much as of late. It's a great schedule - the perfect 'mom schedule.' It's three weeks on and one week off, so I'm able to do my life, work on the show, promote my book, do my QVC - it's the perfect schedule.

The deets on belle gray by Lisa Rinna for QVC
The first show is April 30, and there will be eight pieces shown. It's really, really been exciting - I'm so passionate about fashion and clothes and I'm now able to bring what I love to all sizes, at a price point under $100. I've never been able to do this at my boutique (Belle Gray). [I call it] cozy, Cali chic - it's really fun stuff. I've always wanted to do home shopping - I don't know why, but it's been one of my goals. And QVC stands for quality, so it's a dream come true.  

One of my favorite pieces [right now] is the python maxi dress, but we have new stuff coming out. Lots of cute tops, silk cargo pants, really great skirts and a cardi with fringe. It's great mom stuff, but my girls are wearing it, too!

On her new book - The Big, Fun, Sexy, Sex Book
You like to get results and make something happen, so [the 10-day results-oriented program] is a really great program. Sex has so much to do with how you feel about yourself. It's one week of getting yourself into great healthy shape - to start to feel better about yourself and flip the switch. It's a fun way to get your sexy back, [through] an important diet and fitness program. There are exercises you can do to feel sexier.
Making an effort in all areas can make you feel secure - the way you dress, yoga. Because it gets you in touch with your body. We get so busy and sex gets put to the bottom of the list, so it's important to have that connection that makes you healthier. You can open [the book] up to any page, and you'll get something out of it.

On parenting
[Discussing sex] is tough, one of the harrier things a parent has to go through. My daughters [10 and 13] don't necessarily want to talk about it. They're learning it at school, and the information at school and home is completely different. I'm trying to be as open and responsive as a parent can be - to get them the info without freaking them out. [It's important to] keep creating the dialogue and be healthy about it, rather than not talk about it.

Why the Depend ads
It's for the Great American Try-on - and for charity [$225,00 went to Dress for Success for her participation). [The charity] helps empower woman, and who wouldn't give money to charity?

On facing criticism
I just don't look at it; it's just out there. I know people are gonna have a hard time with me doing stuff, so I just try not to look at it. It's none of my business if people say good or bad things.

On staying in shape 
It's important to work out every day like brushing your teeth. There are so many benefits to exercise, it's crazy. For me, it's peace of mind. I'm practicing yoga a lot [right now]. But I change it up - and still love dancing.

Top 3 shoe shopping spots
Bergdorf Goodman ("the best shoe department on the planet")
Barneys New York
Madison at Fred Segal (in L.A.)

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