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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Style Guru Stacy London Dishes on SHOES

Stacy London tells us where she shoe shops
Oh, hi, it's Stacy London. Yes, the Stacy London, famous as the co-host of What Not to Wear and now co-founder and "stylist-in-chief" of the new Style for Hire. (funny how we just ran into each other last week shopping at Jean-Michel Cazabat...great minds, they do think alike...I feel like we could be BFFs!) The fellow shoe-lover, who started in the business at Vogue and has styled such celebs as Kate Winslet and Liv Tyler, caught up with us this week to properly discuss the best of the best in shoes (we have a lot of the same favs) and what to put in our closet for spring. You're gonna love her advice...read on!
I Heart Heels: You love high heels, am I right? What is it about high heels you love so much?
Stacy London: Yes, I unequivocally love high heels. I own more than 300 these days, but I'm gonna have to donate a few as I'm running out of room in my closet! Heels are magical. They can change the whole tone of an outfit, provide better posture and longer legs, and they make me feel powerful.

IHH: Where do you do all of your shoe shopping?
Everywhere from Payless to [Christian] Louboutin. I love Saks [Fifth Avenue], Bergdorf [Goodman] and Net-A-Porter. Lately, I'm obsessed with Jean-Michel Cazabat (natch), Alexandre Birman, Tabitha Simmons, Nicholas Kirkwood and George Esquivel. And I saw a sneak peek of Rebecca Minkoff's new shoe line on Twitter. Can't wait for that!

IHH: You've been quoted in the past as having been "every size." Are there certain pieces you recommend that look great and flatter most every figure?
Always define a waist, no matter what size you are. A-lines in skirts and dresses are every girl's best friend. 
IHH: List 3 items every girl should put at the front of her closet this spring - and why.
(1a.) A pretty floral-print jacket - the easiest way to make a t-shirt and jeans chic in a heartbeat. (1b.) A pretty floral-print sheath (with or without peplum) - perfect for the zillions of weddings I'm attending this summer. (1c.) A pretty floral-print jean - the latest denim update, femme without the fuss. (Pass on this option if you carry weight in your lower half...)

2. Something neon. Personally, neon clothing is tough for me, but add it in a shoe, bag or nail color and it just pops an outfit.
3. Striped top. Besides the fact that the nautical stripe never goes out of style, this season, mixing prints is all the rage. Try pairing it with a leopard pencil skirt or aforementioned floral jean! (Skip horizontal stripes if you carry your weight on your top half...)
IHH: There are a lot of young girls out there reading I Heart Heels. Can you give any advice for those wanting to go either (a) into fashion or (b) magazines as a career?
Fashion is an interesting industry. I love it because it promotes, in fact, insists on constant creativity. It thrives on the new. If you want fashion as a career, all I can say is go into it because of that, because of your love of it.  
Too many young girls get preoccupied with fashion for all the wrong reasons: materialism, unrealistic standards of beauty. It's easy to get caught up in the surface of fashion, but there's so much art and beauty there. If that's what you see and feel for it, if you know there's nothing else you would rather do, then work your butt off and go follow your dream.
P.S. Thanks, Stacy - and call us with your shoe donations anytime. Wink.
[Photo from zap2it.com]

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