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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Time To Moisturize

Anti-aging. You hate to hear the word, but let's face it. We all look to something sometimes to help us at least "appear" to have gotten those zzz's the night before (but alas…). Enter the Advanced Cellular Renewal Moisturizer from NUDE. Fancy name? Maybe. It works just as well as it sounds, though.

When it comes to a moisturizer that will do the trick, I've found making an investment is way worth the cost. As a mom, it's important to pamper myself from time to time, and I personally love to invest in a swank bedtime routine. little C's in bed, and ahhhh…time to pamper, right? It's the best time ever.

This particular moisturizer costs $92 (and did you know you can find it at Whole Foods??), but once again, it's worth it. With the way I shop, that's merely one shopping trip (um, or less) for me, and this moisturizer is sure to last months (the jar is huge!). The technical side you ask? The Chinese Immortal Grass Complex (never before used in skincare, might I add) contains what's called gynosaporins to reactivate the skin's natural processes; L'Glutamine boosts cellular energy and powerful polypheynols protect against DNA damage.
What's that mean? You're doing your skin a huge favor…and it's never been easier.
P.S. Another reason I love NUDE? It's great for your skin because it's free of parabens and all the other yucky chemicals. (clapping my hands)

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