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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Whiny Wednesday: Jennifer Fisher Jewelry

Happy Wednesday, chic mamas! I've discovered a jewelry line for which you're all gonna hate me. Jennifer Fisher Jewelry. It's ridiculously chic (I mean irresistibly charming!), but it's not gonna be easy on the wallet (well if you choose all of my favs, that is). Le sigh...I told you. Celebrity mom after celebrity mom (Naomi Watts, SJP, Sandra Bullock, Molly Sims...) flock to these pieces, and can you see why?

Choose your chain and make a pendant (for Mother's Day, perhaps?) with so many sweet, sweet charms (that you can engrave with your name, your little one's name, special letters, etc.). I'm very partial to the rose gold heart above and the mini gold wing just below...awwww. The bottom photo shows an example of just how completely chic a pendent with multiple charms looks. I'm obsessed with this look - this mama. wants.

And if you're looking for a slightly lower price point, check out the newer brass statement pieces at Barneys. I could wear each and every one of these cuffs for days.

P.S Jennifer Fisher just happens to be a former celebrity wardrobe stylist - no wonder, right? And you have to check out the BandAid ring she created for us moms...so creative!

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