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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Kelly Bensimon on How to Look "Hot"

Kelly Bensimon share her favorite shoes and how to look slimmer
Kelly Bensimon has just released her third book, I Can Make You Hot!: The Supermodel Diet, and we had a chance to ask her our burning questions. Hello, we need to know how to fit in a bikini asap. She now has her fav products to make you "hot" on OpenSky, along with a copy of her signed book. Plus, read on for her fav shoe brands...enjoy! (oh, and side note, we saw her at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week last season looking so hot in a bright-hued J.Crew jumpsuit - yep she's just as hot in person!) 

I Heart Heels: What do you do for both exercise and diet to stay in such great shape?
Kelly Bensimon: I exercise 20 minutes a day and eat well six days a week.

IHH: What are a couple of ways we can all instantly look slimmer in our clothes

KB: Monochromatic is an easy way to look slim and chic. Balance your look: either show cleavage or show legs. Tight pants show off curves, while baggy makes you look bigger.

IHH: What type of swimsuit is going to flatter most shapes

KB: I like Melissa Odabash one pieces. They're slimming and sophisticated. I like everyone in a bikini, but if you're too shy, a simple one-piece in a plain color is hot.

IHH: Do you think heels play a role in making us all look "hot"? If so, where do you personally shoe shop? 

KB: I say high or low; wear high if you want to look like a supermodel, and low if you want to look like a socialite. Steve Madden, Vince Camuto, Sam Edelman and Jessica Simpson are great price points for great styles.

IHH: Do you really buy a size smaller in jeans? 

KB: Yes; squeeze it in!

IHH: What's your favorite spicy dish you prepare at home? 

KB: Spicy boosts your metabolism, and I love to make chicken and add spicy red-crushed pepper to it.

IHH: What date will your book and favorite products be listed on OpenSky and what can we expect to find? 

KB: My book is available now on Opensky, and all of my hot items are always available.

IHH: What's your own favorite bit of info from your book we should all look for when we buy it? 

KB: I love the hair and makeup tips. If you have great hair and eyes like Bambi, you can wear whatever you want. I really love Beauty for Real Red Lips and Nail Polish - the best colors to make you hot.

Visit OpenSky now for an autographed copy of Kelly's new book I Can Make you Hot!: The Supermodel Diet

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