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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Ojon Loving

My love for the Ojon full detox dry cleansing powder ($24) is somewhat of a complicated story, so I'll make it brief. I would've never known how much I loved this "dry shampoo" if I hadn't tried the full detox Rub Out dry cleansing spray ($24) first. See, I was ready to try a new dry shampoo and had become addicted to the spray technique (spray, poof! you're done!), so thought I would give the Rub Out a try. The craziest thing happened to me - after one spray, it froze. No more shampoo - nada. I was mystified. So, I trucked it on back to Sephora where they gladly allowed me to return it, and the nice folks at Ojon offered to send me another (such is the perk in beauty blogging...). Can you believe the next bottle did the same thing? Maybe I just wasn't holding my mouth right (I even tried the un-clogging instructions I was given), but alas, I gave up and my contacts sent me a few new things to try out - and there began my love for the powder formula above. 

It really does absorb oil in seconds (is it wrong to say I would rather use this everyday than wash my hair? bashful face...)! It definitely extends the shelf life of my oily hair, and I have no idea what I would do without it. Panic? Drive to Sephora on a last-minute dry shampoo binge with oily hair - gasp! Yes, yes, I would do that. Apparently, the Soap Bark Tree Extract in this formula is what does the trick - and it's clinically proven to reduce excess oils by 78-percent in just one application. Squirt it a few times in your hair, fluff and go. I promise your hair will look amazing instantly. Promise.
Ok, and so I must admit I do wash my hair on occasion. Hey, I washed it tonight, so off my back! In fact, I just finished the last of my damage reverse shampoo and conditioner ($24 each). I've never considered my hair "damaged" per se, and it's not dry at all. But, I do blowdry it (and it's verrrry long) and I do get highlights, so...I thought it never hurts to repair your hair every now and then, right? I've only used this for a couple of weeks, but so far, so good. I haven't noticed my hair being overly oily from using this dry-hair formula (sometimes I notice a difference, but many times I don't even pay attention to the oily/dry label, shrug). My hair has felt pretty healthy, and someone told me the other day (someone I hadn't seen in 10 years or more) that I looked beautiful. And I had my hair down. And I had used this shampoo. So, I'm thinking it's a keeper. It seriously only takes one comment for me...
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