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Monday, June 11, 2012

Chic Little Shorts

I'm sorry if I keep writing about cut offs, but I can't help my love for them. And I'm in beach mode. My vacay countdown has begun, folks. I'm in major cutoffs mode already! And I'm swooning over this label, Sinclair, that has quite possibly some of the chicest denim around. It's cutting edge, it's fun, it's so on trend and it's all-around lovely. I just glanced at the entire lookbook and now I'm craving every bit of it. I'm showing you a range of shorts here, so you can see they have a mid-thigh length (above), shorter cut offs (below), and they also have cuffed (honestly, not a fan of the cuff, I'm more of the fray-type gal). They also have some amazing, amazing jeans that I hope to try out come fall when I'm not sweating to pieces (I do live down south and let me tell you, it's already an oven!). 

I'm lovvvvving the dip-dyed look of these green shorts (which come in several colors, and also in the shorter cutoffs I love), and the cloud-like design of these lighter-hued blues below is so sweetly seductive. Call me crazy, but I would even pair these with a tucked-in chambray shirt.
I love the darker wash on these cut offs because when in doubt...you know, darker is always gonna be more flattering. And obviously, we're all a little more timid to pull out those shorts, so going with a darker version just might be your ticket.
On the opposite end of the spectrum, you dare-devils, there is always white. I was scared beyond belief to own a pair of white jeans, but about four or five years ago, I broke down and haven't looked back since. Love. them. I must admit, I'm now scared to even try on a pair of white shorts (eek! yikes! scary!), but...if you're brave enough (um, and tan enough), I say go for it. They look rather amazing with bright colors! (which I now wear without abandon...)
Perhaps, my fav pair of Sinclair shorts is the Wiley in the Bering Sea wash, and I found them on sale on Piperlime.com for $95.99 (under $100 is a steal for designer denim any day...). They're everything I dream of in a cut off...a medium wash (not too dark or light), slight distressing, frayed hem and short inseam. I wanna throw them in my luggage right now...overnight shipping, perhaps??

P.S. I'll be blogging my heart out this entire week (you can't get rid of me yet!), but next week I've got a tons of amazing guest bloggers lined up (hello, can you say Lucky Magazine) that I hope you find inspiring and enjoy. But, I'm hoping you don't miss me tooooo much...I'll be blowing air kisses from afar. xo
[Photos Courtesy Sinclair; from Piperlime.com]

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