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Monday, June 25, 2012

Threadsence Shoe Boutique

Bless my beating heart, but I just can't stand all of the sweet, sweet shoes I've been seeing this summer. I used to think fall/winter had the best options, but I'm quickly changing my mind with the wedge being so darn chic. I can't stand it, folks! Squealing, squealing and squealing. 

Great news! Online retailer Threadsence has just launched a shoe boutique with the best summer wedges ever. And most of them fall under $100! Sweet, right? I mean, when you want them all, you can't afford to pay more than that, ha.

I heart Threadsence because of their "indie" approach (well, and their insane love for bloggers). You won't find these shoes in every shoe department you visit; they're def hidden jewels. (Brands like Lovely People, Bacio 61, Chelsea Crew and Dolce Vita.) These days, everyone owns a pair of wedges, but have you seen any like these? I've got some summer events to attend and at least one of these pretty things here will join me. Decision made. (such an easy one...)
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[Photos Courtesy ThreadSence]

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