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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Whiny Wednesday: Wean Green

These little jewels have come in handy the past couple of weeks, mamas. Did you know I don't use plastic with little C. Big thing for me. When I'm heating up his food (and storing it), I always use something glass, so when I discovered these "lunch cubes" ($17.99 for a 2-pack) by Wean Green, I  squealed! 

They comes in several colors, but orange is his absolute fav color right now, so I was so excited to show him (and it makes him more likely to play along with this game we call "eating."). These are the lunch-size containers (which, since he's not in actual school yet, I use for food storage in the fridge), but they also offer longer tubs, deeper bowls and smaller cubes. Guarantee I would use them all. We store so much food around here! 

One of Wean Green's sayings is they like it when their "diaper bags match their shoes." So, I mean, I gotta love that. But, why else Wean Green? The tempered glass is safe, yet chic. It's that simple! I def reach for these over all of those other boring glass containers I already owned, and when these are dirty, I groan. If these filled my cabinet wouldn't it be so pretty? Ha. I know, I'm slightly carried away, but you get my point. Anything safe and chic for kids is going on my A-list.

[Photo Courtesy Wean Green]

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