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Monday, August 6, 2012

Katie Holmes Borrows from the Boys

I really do love a great button down shirt. I do. But, why do I always feel so silly when I wear them? It always ends up tragic. I see celebs sporting them so well - a la Katie Holmes here - and I try, try again. Katie's actually wearing the Black "Dobby" single knit shirt from the men's Steven Alan summer collection. This makes me reminisce of how I used to invade my dad's closet full of plaid button downs, and post-pregnancy I lived in D's cozy ones. 

So right now I probably own a handful of my own, including the classic white and chambray. I'm thinking I need to break out the others now and try it in a more flirty way, such as above. That way I don't feel so, well, masculine. I love to feel girly, and pairing my button down with a skirt just might be my answer. 

How do you like to wear your button down shirts? Tell me!

[Photo Courtesy Zimbio]

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