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Friday, August 17, 2012

WANTED: Jeweled Peter Pan Collar Necklace

Word's out. I want a peter pan jeweled collar necklace right about yesterday. Please and thank you. I've been searching high and low for these suckers and lo and behold what pops into my inbox but these magnificent ones from Marni. I mean, it's the swoon on the century. I can't stand it!

From the Collars Collection, these are the winter edition, but I wanna wear them now. With my LBDs and my plain white tees. These are so typical funky Marni, right? I love the mix of jewels! So unique and fun-loving.

The neoprene collars in black, white and red are adorned by geometrical applications with stones or with bows. The black neoprene collars are embellished by brooches in resin in the collection’s prints, while the round collars in acetate with lenticular technique carry people patterns or geometric gravity pattern.

Trust me, even if you do find a peter pan jeweled collar out there, you'll never find one like these. Marni, you complete me. That's all.


  1. These peter pan jeweled collar necklaces are so special and I love them.

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